In the tragedy at Lviv city dump looking for the guilty

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The press service of the public organization “SPAS” reported: Lviv city dump is among the ten most environmentally hazardous places in Ukraine. That's why we requested to The European Environment Agency (EEA) to check the city dump near the Ukrainian city of Lviv. And give competent opinion on the harm which brings high mountains of garbage for our nature and human health.target

Remind – for now Ukraine is not among the countries of the European Union. However, the integration process go for many years. The debates of needs for integration and association with the European Union in our country escalated into public confrontation in 2013, called - "EuroMaidan".

The garbage dump near Lviv is already 5 times exceeded its useful life. On the dump periodically occurs fires, with the release of harmful substances into the air. And the lakes on the territory of dump are filled with waste of the petrochemical industry. They are pollute groundwaters, as well as such important rivers as the Western Bug in Ukraine and Wisla in Poland (member of the European Union).

And May 30, 2016, after extinguishing of the fire at the dump there was a collapse of garbage, killing 4 firefighters. Public activists have accused the mayor of Lviv - Andriy Sadovyj, who in spite of his promises for 10 years have not stopped the using of the city garbage dump.

Text of the letter is given below:

«Dear Karsten Sach,

Primarily, we would like to pay our respect and present compliments to You.

We are non-profit Social Human Rights Activist Justice Non-Governmental Organization (short name: SPAS NGO).
For many years now the issue of the waste landfill near Lviv has remained on our agenda. The municipal solid waste landfill has been functioning for about 60 years in Velyki Hrybovychi Village. The garbage dump was started as a temporary solution and had to be closed after 10 years of usage. However, it had been working up to May 30, 2016, when 4 rescuers of the State Emergency Service died under the garbage landslide in the process of trash fire extinguishing.

Dangerous leachate covering acid tar lagoons on the territory of Hrybovychi waste landfill has contaminated the Malekhivka River and thus has gone to the Western Bug River which is the tributary of the Vistula River flowing on the territory of Poland, a EU member country.

On June 27, 2014, Ukraine has signed EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, which was simultaneously ratified by Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament) and European Parliament. Radical reform of environmental protection is among the key provisions of the Agreement.

Moreover, Ukraine co-operates with such an international financial and credit institution as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In Ukraine, the EBRD enjoys the diplomatic status and the preferred creditor status.

In particular, Lviv City Council co-operates with the EBRD for financing infrastructure projects in Lviv.

We believe that being a state which presents itself as a part of European legal framework, strives for European standards and uses credit instruments of the European Union’s financial institutions, Ukraine should engage both governmental agencies and competent non-governmental EU organizations for environmental protection solutions.

Based on the mentioned above situation and whereas the protection of human life and health as well as efficient resource management and waste disposal are among key focus areas of the European Environment Agency, we ask EEA to perform independent and professional audit of the Lviv municipal solid waste landfill (Hrybovychi garbage dump) including:

- Analysis of ground water in the following villages: Velyki Hrybovychi, Mali Hrybovychi, Malekhiv, Zbyranka, Murovane, Hriada, Briukhovychi; in Shevchenkivskyi District of Lviv and Dubliany Town.

- Analysis of air, leachate and acid tar lagoons in Velyki Hrybovychi Village.

- Analysis of air in the vicinity of the garbage dump field.

- Measure of content of hazardous chemicals, heavy metals and dioxine in ground water, soil, air and the Malekhivka, Western Bug and Vistula rivers.

- Assessment of impact of all hazardous factors on human health and natural environment in the settlements located nearby the waste landfill.

- Legal evaluation of all laws and regulatory documents issued by the local authorities and national government between 2006 and 2016 on the usage of Hrybovychi waste landfill.

- Statistical analysis of cancer case number growth in Lviv and neighbouring villages of Zhovkva District of the Lviv Region presumably resulting from hazardous impact of the waste landfill operation in the Lviv suburbs.

- Assessment of investment proposals made to Lviv City Council for the recent 10 years to finance construction of waste recycling plants near Lviv and effective garbage removal from the city.

- Inform through the mass media the public in Ukraine on the audit findings.»

"We believe that we must not only stop forever the work of the Lviv city dump, but also punish the guilty. Responsible for it must be first of all a Lviv Mayor - Andriy Sadovyj", said chairman of the public organization "SPAS” Oleh Pylypenko.

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